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The Bossier Arts Council has 3 main goals for DigiFest South:

  • Inspire students to seek advanced education in digital arts
  • Demonstrate the economic significance of digital skills
  • Emphasize the importance of S.T.E.A.M. Education models

Art is more than a school elective. Art is a powerful vocational tool.   It is vital to a well-rounded education that translates to lucrative career opportunities.

By reaching students, educators, the public, and local officials, DigiFest South demonstrates how art combined with technology leads to the innovations that shape our modern way of life.   Each targeted component of the festival displays art's direct contribution to strong economic development and its ability to prompt cultural transformations.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host our traditional expo this year, so ...

We're thinking outside the box, and going online!

We have refocused our plans from the traditional in-person event of the past years, and pivoted towards an online event instead.   Since we will not be able to physically host our students, we decided that we should aim towards hosting a virtual conference.   We want to continue to provide a highly interactive and educational event for our students, so we’ve come up with the following components that we believe will augment our interactivity goals for this year’s expo:

Video Presentations

We're asking local businesses and academia to provide 5-10 minute video presentations that demonstrate how they use or contribute to STEAM education and employment in the local community.

If you want to provide a video showcasing how you use STEAM and what skillsets a person would need to perform this type of work, click on the button below and submit your application.

Virtual Tours

Instead of having students attend in person, we would provide virtual “tour guides” where anyone can visit local businesses or college campuses and perform live interactions with the students, by using 360° cameras.

These virtual tours can assist schools to experience the conference from within their own classrooms.   We plan on having about a dozen tour guides walk around facilities and relaying live questions from the students to the staff, and even perform any activities that the students can observe in real time.

Activity Kits

We will create and package a number of STEAM activities that students K-12 can pick up at designated locations, such as Bossier Libraries and the Bossier Arts Council.

These packages would be a step up from our traditional activity books that are distributed during the expo, as they would also include illustrated instructions and a materials list required to perform the particular activity.   These printed materials also include information about DigiFest, the Bossier Arts Council, and all our event sponsors.

Digital Arts Competition

This year's DigiArt show was another success!   Digital artists showed off their DigiSkills in the following categories :

  • Digital Photography
  • Graphics
  • 3D renderings
  • Illustrations
  • Photoshop
  • Web Design, Logos, Advertisements
Click on the following video to view the submissions and the winners of each category :


We cannot accomplish this expo every year without the generous help from our sponsors and volunteers.   Sponsors help with funding the entire expo, while exhibitors typically have a booth providing interactive displays, activities, or demonstrations.

Our goal is quite simple: by reaching students, educators, the general public, and local officials, DigiFest South intends to demonstrate how art combined with technology leads to the innovations that shape our modern way of life.

Click HERE to download the Sponsor Letter.   If you wish to become a sponsor or an exhibitor (or both), contact one of the following:

Do you want to be sponsor?

DigiFest Schedule

During the next five months, we will provide a theme-based virtual conference, where each month would feature one of the letters of STEAM, providing continuous coverage on our Facebook Page, at the Bossier Arts Council, select Bossier City Libraries, and from our dedicated sponsors. This monthly-themed conference aims to promote STEAM-related activities, events, and careers as follows:

  • October will highlight Science
  • November will highlight Technology
  • December will highlight Engineering
  • January will highlight Arts
  • February will highlight Math

STEAM Calendar

While we're providing STEAM-related content for the next five months, we also want to highlight influential people (scientists, artists, musicians, inventors, astronauts/cosmonauts, engineers, etc.) who have greatly contributed to STEAM careers and education.

Visit our website from a desktop or tablet, and you will view a calendar where, once you click on a person's name (or an event), you will be redirected to another page with more information:

Our Sponsors